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SHDP Symposium 2004: Creativity and Depression

There has long been a notion that creativity and imagination are associated with forms of depression and even psychosis. This conference explored a wide-ranging approach to the topic, including literary, historical, and psychiatric perspectives.The discussion focused particularly on the way in which depression is reported in the media as well biographically and autobiographically.

Ethics and the Media in an Era of Complex Moral Challenge

A workshop for an exchange of views on media coverage of ethical and religious issues, and to discuss the launch of a forum for ethics in the public space called Ethicscope. A constituency of leading journalists, ethicists and representatives of different faiths discussed the access, fairness, balance and quality of ethical perspectives in print, radio, […]

The Irrelevance of Ethics. Lecture by Alasdair MacIntyre

Alasdair MacIntyre, author of After Virtue and some thirty books on ethics, gave a lecture sponsored by the Science & Human Dimension Project and Prospect magazine. The text of the article John Cornwell wrote for Prospect magazine’s October 2010 issue on the lecture and its background is available here.

Science – The Next Generation

Jesus College, Cambridge Cambridge

This conference was held in association with City University Journalism School and brought together a group of young scientists and experienced journalists to discuss the problems and constraints, the scope and potential, of careers in science journalism at a time of rapid media change and challenge. Each segment was introduced briefly by two seasoned practitioners: […]

Memory & Imagination in Humans & Machines

Jesus College, Cambridge Cambridge

DeepMind and SHDP Conference, Cambridge Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience in discussion with the humanities – philosophy, psychology and the arts. This conference was a collaboration of SHDP and DeepMind and was by invitation.

Artificial Intelligence in Sci-Fi Film and Literature

Jesus College, Cambridge Cambridge

Part of the AI and the Future of Humanity series run by SHDP and funded by the Templeton Foundation, this conference's theme was Imagining AI- the view from Mythology, Fantasy and Science Fiction (SF).

Cultural Tourism Salon – Berlin

Tempelhof Airport, Berlin

SHDP co-organised the workshops at this one-day conference with Visit Berlin and LCD, bringing together leaders from major European cultural institutions (curators, museum directors, artists, architects, town planners) and tourism organisations (city councils, hotels, travel groups, airlines, hospitality) to discuss trends and key questions around place making, cultural destinations, including planning, architecture, technology, and climate […]

How Technology is Changing Journalism – Media in the Post Truth Age

Frontline Club, London London

In this conference journalists, editors, technologists and researchers from a range of disciplines will discuss a number of vital questions, including how technology is changing the media the landscape, the role of the data journalist, new business models; the manipulation of the media and the public using technology, the use of technology in political campaigning, […]

Venice Biennale 17th International Architecture Exhibition – The Majlis

Venice Biennale Abbey and Gardens of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

SHDP is working with the Caravane Foundation to produce a series of symposia at the 2021 Venice Biennale – 17th International Architecture Exhibition. The Biennale’s theme is: How will we live together?

The Mediterranean and Climate Change – Fate of the Planet in the Future of ‘Our Sea’

Clare Hall, Cambridge Cambridge

Background - A collaboration between Clare Hall and the Science & Human Dimension Project, this one-day symposium will address Climate Change and the Mediterranean. The warning signs have been evident for half a century: in 1985 David Attenborough declared at a conference in Rome: “By the early 1970s it was clear that the Mediterranean was […]

Migration and Climate Change

Clare Hall, Cambridge Cambridge

The concept of 'climate migration' combines two large-scale risks for today’s society: climate change and migration. From a political perspective, progressives are typically concerned about the risk relating to climate, while conservatives typically focus on risks posed by migration to existing societies and cultures. From an analytical perspective, there are both maximalists and minimalists, with […]